Bernie Sanders to endorse Ben Jealous on July 13th

Information reported via The Washington Post:

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Our Revolution, a national progressive group that formed after the senator’s upstart presidential bid, are scheduled to endorse Ben Jealous in the Maryland governor’s race on Thursday, according to an email sent to Our Revolution supporters in Maryland.

The joint announcement of the endorsement of Jealous, former president of the NAACP, will be made in Silver Spring.

“With Ben as governor, we can make health care a right, not a privilege,” Sanders said in a statement. “We can create a minimum wage which is a living wage. We can stop the school-to-prison pipeline and end mass incarceration. We can make college tuition affordable, protect our environment and create good-paying jobs.”

Backing from Sanders (I-Vt.) and Our Revolution is not a surprise given Jealous’s role in Sanders’s 2016 presidential campaign and his former position on the board of Our Revolution. The endorsements will help Jealous, a civil rights leader and political outsider who has never run for political office, raise money and energize liberal voters across the country.

I have seen this Facebook event for tomorrow:

This endorsement could be a big deal in the Democratic Primary…and may have some candidates rethinking a run for Governor in 2018. We still have no official word from John Delaney, Kevin Kamenetz and Doug Gansler as of today. Will these three (and other potential candidates) rethink getting into this race after this BIG endorsement? What will this do to the early morale of the other four candidates that are running for Governor?

On the other hand, how big a deal is this endorsement in Maryland. Sure, Senator Sanders has huge national appeal but here in Maryland he did not perform great in the past presidential primary losing to Hillary Clinton 63.0% to 33.2%. Sanders only won three counties in the state and none are the ones you “need” to win to become Governor of this state.

One thing I am sure of, early endorsements like this are never a bad thing. It will help with early fundraising and will get noticed state wide and nationally. Is it a big enough deal to call Ben Jealous the front runner right now? Given the other names that may still get in this race, I don’t think so yet but this endorsement is a big feather in the cap of the campaign.

I can’t wait to see the first polling information from Mileah Kromer.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Scott E


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