Team 12 Files For Reelection In 2018

Team 12 Howard County
Photo from Eric Ebersole Facebook page

It is official, on July 10th the entire “Team 12” filed for reelection. Team 12 includes Edward Kasemeyer (Senator), Eric Ebersole (Delegate), Terri Hill (Delegate) and Clarence Lam (Delegate).  I checked the State Board of Elections website and they are all now listed: CLICK HERE

This is the statement from Eric Ebersole I found on Facebook:

Team 12 is on board! Today I was proud to travel to Annapolis with my district 12 legislative colleagues, Senator Ed Kasemeyer, Delegate Terri Hill and Delegate Clarence Lam .We filed to run to continue our service to Baltimore and Howard Counties & the state of Maryland. We are a strong team. We share with each other and trust each other. We are ready and enthused to continue our good work.

Team 12 HoCoMD
Photo from Eric Ebersole Facebook page

I am guessing that Team 12 will be tough to beat in 2018. So far there is one challenger (Michael Russell is running for Delegate in District 12). You can see the online outreach for Russell on the Technology Outreach Scorecard Summary page for HoCo Delegates. I will be adding new links for Team 12 later today.

One issue that could be problematic for a member of this team is State Senator Kasemeyer’s involvement with HB1299 (How we elect school board members here in Howard County). This change in the law passed is VERY problematic to me and my hope is that Delegate Atterbeary brings this back during the 2018 General Session and corrects the law before it is implemented. Districts should elect their representatives at ALL levels of government, not by county wide vote. Worry not, I will continue to talk about this issue throughout this election season.

We still have two elected officials that I have not seen official reelection statements about: Gail Bates (Senator District 9) and Bob Flanagan (Delegate District 9B).  Both have been active and are expected to run for reelection but I have not seen official statements or announcements as of today. Stay tuned…as I find out more I will let you know (on a side note – Bates and Flanagan were both opposed to HB 1299).

That is all I have this morning.

Scott E

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