Trent Kittleman Files for Reelection in 2018

It is official, Trent Kittleman is running for reelection for Delegate in District 9A in 2018. She filed her paperwork with the State Board of Elections on July 6th.

To be honest I was not sure she was planning on running again based on her campaign funds back in January (less that $5,000 cash on hand…the least amount of money any elected official in Annapolis from Howard County reported back in January).

We now have five of the nine elected delegates from Howard County officially running in 2018. I have heard that the three delegates from district 12 will be running (they are coordinating schedules to file the paperwork together)…then that just leaves us with Delegate Flanagan. I have heard (through the grapevine) that he is planning on running again…but nothing official yet.

There are a couple of challengers (so far) to the current elected officials: Dan Medinger (District 9B) and Michael Russell (District 12). I have heard some names floating around that may enter the race in the fall…stay tuned for more information as it becomes official.

I will be putting together the summary Technology Outreach Scorecard page for the local delegates soon. The online outreach is less than impressive but maybe it will improve over this election cycle. Time will tell. One thing is certain…I will be calling those out that do not use online tools for voter outreach.

Enjoy your weekend.

Scott E

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