Why Is The Howard County Republican Party Anti-Twitter?


I am working each morning to keep up with all of the activities and online outreach efforts of candidates planning to run for office in 2018. The most interesting local races will be for Howard County Council. At least four new members will be elected to the council and at this point we already have 13 candidates (see Scorecard Summary page).

As of this article (written on July 1st) I have noted an odd theme….Republican candidates running for Howard County Council are not using Twitter for outreach to potential voters. NONE are currently listing Twitter for outreach. Six candidates running in four districts (no one in District 3 yet) and not one on Twitter.

On the other side of the tickets…all seven Democrat candidates running in four districts (no one in District 5 yet) are using Twitter. Let me say that again, ALL seven candidates are using Twitter for outreach. This is a BIG online outreach advantage for this Party.

With the thousands of local accounts on Twitter, I have to wonder why not one GOP county council candidate has chosen to utilize that platform for voter outreach. I am someone that believes in using all available tools for outreach and this seems to be a big misstep by the Party. Maybe I should not be surprised, The Howard County Republican Party Central Committee does not use Twitter for outreach either. They only have a Facebook page (and a website that will hopefully be back online someday). Are these new candidates using the Central Committee as their template for outreach to voters?

Now not all Howard County Republicans are missing out on outreach to voters on Twitter. Allan Kittleman (Howard County Executive) has a strong Twitter following from his campaign account (@akittleman). I wished they used the account more often for updates but it is still early in the campaign season so I expect this account to be better later this year for campaign related updates.

I am holding out a little hope as one candidate (Lisa Kim – District 4) has the logo for Twitter in the footer of her website. It does not work yet, but maybe this team is at least considering using that platform for outreach to voters in the future.

Note to all candidates – ignoring any opportunity for outreach to voters is not a good idea. Get online and let voters know who you are and what you stand for in this upcoming election.

Scott E

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