Howard County Council Candidates – 4th of July Parades – 2017

I have seen a few social media posts about candidates looking for supporters and volunteers to walk in the upcoming 4th of July parades around Howard County. If you have a favorite candidate and want to show your support, here are some upcoming opportunities:

District 3 candidates: (I am starting with these candidates because I live in this district):

Steve HuntJuly 4th – Allview Estates Parade – 12:00pm

Christiana RigbyJuly 4th – River Hill Parade – 9:00am & Allview Estates Parade – 12:00pm

Other County Council candidates in Howard County:

Byron Macfarlane (District 4) – July 4th – Longfellow Parade – 10:00am

Opel Jones (District 2) – Update via Facebook comment – I’ll be at Longfellow at 9 am for anyone who wants to join.”

Deb Jung (District 4) – Update via Facebook event – River Hill 4th of July Parade – 8:30am

Lisa Kim (District 4) – Update via Facebook comment – “I will be at the River Hill Parade, then to the lakefront and fireworks! See you there!”

Jim Walsh (District 5) – Update found on Facebook – River Hill Parade on Fourth of July

Now I am sure MANY of the other candidates will be attending parades on July 4th…but I checked all of the Facebook pages (that exist) and this is the listing I have right now. Note to all candidates: planning on walking in an upcoming parade? Two recommendations: 1 – Get the word out NOW on social media. 2 – send me that information and I will get it listed here.

Since we are talking about candidates in Howard County, I guess I should mention a few others:

Allan Kittleman (County Executive) will be making the rounds and will be walking in all three parades on the 4th (River Hill, Longfellow and Allview Estates).

Rich Gibson (candidate for Howard County State’s Attorney) will be making the rounds and will be walking in all three parades on the 4th (River Hill, Longfellow and Allview Estates).

Kim Oldham (candidate for Howard County State’s Attorney) is walking in the parades (but I am not clear as to which ones or if she is also planning to hit all three). This is what I came across on her social media accounts “Please join my family and I as we march in our local Independence Day Parades. Message or email me at for details!!!”

Larry Hogan (Governor) – update via social media – Our Governor will be walking at the River Hill parade on the 4th.

Hogan Parades

So that is my listing so far…if I get information from other candidates, I will be sure to update it here.

Have a great Thursday!

Scott E

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