In what can only be described as a bad week for websites...The Howard County Republican Central Committee website is offline. This site has actually been down since Friday the 23rd. Here is a message on their Facebook page:

I don’t have any specific insight as to why the site has been down for four days…but you would think with all of the GOP candidates running for office (six Howard County Council candidates so far) you would think they would want to get this back online ASAP! I reached out to one Central Committee member and they told me they were not sure if someone was working on it but they assumed someone was addressing it.
The Central Committee uses a WordPress site. WordPress is great…but also needs to be managed correctly or things like this happen. Important factors in caring for a WordPress site include regular backups, regular updates to WordPress software and WordPress Plugins to prevent hackers from taking a site offline, daily monitoring and security to watch for threats.  I know this local company here in Howard County that offers those services…and at a very reasonable price. Maybe it is time the HoCoGOP look into hiring someone to help out.
This should also serve as a cautionary tale to candidates running for office in 2018. Do not have your online presence affected by a down website. Have a plan because folks like me will think “if they can’t keep their campaign house in order, why would I vote for that person”.
I will continue to monitor this site and will let folks know when it is back online.
I am meeting with a couple of GOP candidates running for Howard County Council in District 5 this morning…We are talking about the blog and the items I will be writing about this election cycle…but I am sure the topic of the HoCoGOP site will come up today.
Scott E
Update – Looks like the HoCoGOP website came back online yesterday. Here is an update from their Facebook page:
Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 7.09.52 AM