Hiruy Hadgu Running For County Council – District 3

Looks like we have a third candidate running for Howard County County Council in District 3 – Hiruy Hadgu. I came across his website last night (he used #HoCoMD on Twitter and that is where I learned of his account(s) and campaign website).

You can view the website here:  https://www.hiruyhadgu.com/

He also has a Facebook page and Twitter account for online outreach to potential voters.

No filing with the State Board of Elections website yet:  http://elections.state.md.us/elections/2018/primary_candidates/gen_cand_lists_2018_1__by_county_14.html

Candidates in District 3 now include: Hiruy Hadgu, Christiana Rigby and Steve Hunt. There is at least one additional candidate I expect to get in this race setting District 3 up to potentially be the most contested County Council race in 2018.

I hope to reach out to Hiruy and setup a “coffee with the candidate” session to learn more about his campaign.

The Howard County Government website is still down this morning. I am hoping they get it back online soon.

Have a great week.

Scott E


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