Election results from last night proved two things, all elections are local and the anti-Trump sentiment alone will not win you an election. These are two lessons we should all take to heart for the upcoming midterms.
For months now I have been hearing (on the news) how the four special elections (in Kansas, Montana, Georgia and South Carolina) would be an indicator of what will happen in the midterms and show the anti-Trump sentiment in America. CNN especially (because for some reason I still watch them in the mornings and evenings) has been openly against Trump and the GOP and has stopped being a actual news organization all together. Last night they seemed openly sad about the election results (as opposed to just reporting the results).
The results from last night:
In Georgia’s 6th Congressional District – Karen Handel beat John Ossoff by about 10,00 votes.
In South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District – Ralph Norman beat Archie Parnell by about 2,800 votes.
These two elections followed wins for the GOP in Kansas and Montana.
See more data here:  https://ballotpedia.org/Special_elections_to_the_115th_United_States_Congress_(2017-2018)
Two more “special” elections are planned for the future: Utah’s 3rd Congressional District (November) and a Senate race in Alabama (December).
To me, the lesson to be learned is don’t just lean on an anti-Trump message as a winning argument. As many of us that are frustrated by his tweets and actions, local elections are still local and you need an actual message to get those voters on your side and (most importantly) out to the polls to vote for you.
This will come into play here in Maryland in the 2018 elections. Candidates should start taking notice now..and not learn this lesson after the election. I will be VERY interested in seeing how these results in other state change the political direction of candidates here in Maryland for the upcoming elections.
Note – this is in no way a pro-Trump article. This is an article reminding candidates and voters to pay attention to what is happening in the country. On the other hand, this is an anti-CNN article (they have become the worst major news organization on TV today).
On that note…have a happy Wednesday!
Scott E