Ben Jealous Running For Governor In 2018

Photo via Washington Post

In case you missed it earlier this week…Ben Jealous announced his candidacy for Governor in Maryland. Here is an except from a Washington Post article:

Ben Jealous, the former president of the NAACP, officially launched his campaign for the Democratic nomination for Maryland governor on Wednesday, promising if elected to protect President Barack Obama’s legacy and to turn Sen. Bernie Sanders’s dreams of fixing economic inequality into reality for Maryland families.

Jealous, an outspoken progressive and an early supporter of Sanders’s presidential bid last year, is making his first run for political office and joins what is likely to be a crowded field of Democrats vying to unseat Gov. Larry Hogan, a widely popular Republican in a blue state.

He is the second Democrat to formally declare and one of the more progressive candidates eyeing the governor’s seat.

Here is more information from that article:

Mileah Kromer, a political-science professor at Goucher College, said unlike the other Democratic challengers, Jealous has name recognition across the state.

Alec Ross, a technology entrepreneur, announced his candidacy in April. State Sen. Richard S. Madaleno Jr. (Montgomery) said last month that he plans to seek the Democratic nomination, but he has not officially declared.

I wrote an article about State Sen. Richard S. Madaleno Jr. (Montgomery) running for Governor- CLICK HERE. I kind of feel like if you are printing up cards, you are running for that office.

So by my count we now have three candidates running for Governor (well, four if you include Ralfe Jaffe (Democrat) who is the only one to file his paperwork with the State Board of Elections as of today).

We continue to wait to hear official statements from other potential candidates including: Delaney, Kamenetz, Baker, Gansler, and Shea. Oh yeah…and I expect at some point that Governor Larry Hogan will make his reelection announcement as well.

On the “online outreach” front – it appears as if the website for Ben Jealous is still under development ( and he is getting his social media outreach updated on Facebook and Twitter. I will provide links to his campaign social media links as well as other candidates in future Technology Outreach Scorecards.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Scott E

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