Two New Candidates for Howard County Council – Raj Kathuria and Lisa Kim

GOP candidates continue to file to run for County Council seats in Howard County in 2018. Raj Kathuria (R) has filed to run in council district 1. Lisa Kim (R) has filed to run in council district 4. I don’t have much information on either candidate yet as it appears their website and social media channels are not up and running yet. I have reached out to each candidate for one of my “coffee with the candidate” sessions to learn more about them prior to creating my Technology Outreach Scorecards for 2018.

Right now we have five Republicans and one Democrat that have officially filed to run for seats on the Howard County Council (per the State Board of Elections website). Keep in mind that two Democrats have announced: Christiana Rigby (District 3) and Opel Jones (District 2) with the kickoff for  Bryon Macfarlane (District 4) scheduled for June 10th. More announcements are coming soon (that is what I hear through the grapevine).

One thing is clear to me, this will be a very different election cycle from what we saw in 2014 and some of my early assumptions of what may happen this cycle are wrong. So grab your popcorn and kickback for a long (and fun for us that enjoy it) election cycle.

Planning on a run for office in 2018 in Howard County. Feel free to give me a heads up at

Have a great Friday and a wonderful long weekend everyone.

Scott E


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