Byron Macfarlane to announce candidacy for Howard County Council District 4

We have another campaign kickoff event scheduled…this time for Byron Macfarlane on June 10th. The expectation is that he will formally announce his candidacy for Howard County Council District 4. Here is the information on his Facebook event:

Join hosts Bob Fontaine and Doug Lea to kick off Byron’s 2018 campaign.

This event is free, however, contributions are appreciated. Please make any checks payable to “Friends of Byron Macfarlane”.

Authority: Friends of Byron Macfarlane, Charles Bubeck, Treasurer.

You have to love free events to meet the candidates. Well, I do and that is why I am happy to let my readers know about those events.

One note for Byron, your website and social media channels do not say that you are running for County Council in 2018. This might be something to work on between now and June 10th.  Also, check that Twitter link on your website (it is not working right now).

If Bryon does announce for County Council District 4, he will be the second candidate in that race. The other is Deb Jung (filed to run with the State Board of Elections on 4/7/17):

I would expect a high turnout for this event. Will you be attending? It is on my calendar and I hope to make it.

Scott E


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