Rich Madaleno Running for Governor in 2018

Rich Madaleno (Montgomery County State Senator) has stated that he is running for Governor in 2018. He is the second Democrat to announce a run for this office (Alex Ross has also stated that he is running as well). Here is information from Bethesda Magazine:

The Kensington resident told a crowd of Metro advocates at a Washington, D.C., rally that he has a vision focused on collaboration, according to The Washington Post.

“It is time for a change, which is exactly why I’m running for governor,” Madaleno, who represents Kensington, Chevy Chase and parts of North Bethesda in District 18, said at the event.

Madaleno attended the recent Western Maryland Democratic Summit and finished at the bottom of  the straw poll but he did do better than Ross (did not receive any votes). It is probably a good idea that both of these candidates announced early, they both have an uphill battle to win the Primary.

We are all still waiting to here official statements from other candidates including: Delaney, Kamenetz, Baker, Jealous, Gansler, and Shea. I have heard that Delaney will be making an “announcement” in late June about his plans. I have not heard any other firm announcement dates from the other potential candidates.

As I always look at the online outreach for candidates: Ross has launched his website for Governor (but really needs some additional content on the site), Madaleno has not launched his website at this point.

Do you have a favorite candidate? Let me know.

Scott E


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