Calvin Ball – BBQ and Family Fun Day – May 6th 2017

In case you missed it, The BBQ & Family Fun Day event held by Calvin Ball on May 6th was a huge success. OK, the weather could have been a bit nicer but that did not stop supporters of Calvin Ball from making his event. Here is what was posted on his Facebook page after the event yesterday:

Thank you so very much to the 150+ friends who joined me in the middle of a rainy Saturday afternoon as well as the dozens of others who couldn’t make it and donated online. Your support is what has allowed me the honor of serving our community and I greatly appreciate it!

For anyone questioning if Calvin Ball was going to run for County Executive, I think those questions were answered yesterday. Look out…this will be the race to watch here in Howard County in 2018. I can’t wait to start my Technology Outreach Scorecards for this race….but I will wait until after summer.

Have a great Sunday.

Scott E

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