Christiana Rigby to announce candidacy for Howard County Council District 3

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I must first admit that this (soon to be) candidate for County Council was not on my radar. Thanks to Bill Woodcock (The 53 blog) for his recent blog post…he is always a good one to follow to keep up with some of the happenings in HoCoMD.

Christiana Rigby is holding a campaign launch event on May 11th (5:30pm) at Amherst House in Columbia, Maryland. Here is info from the Facebook event:

Join Christiana and other members of the Howard County community as she launches her campaign to represent the residents of District 3 on the Howard County Council.

I am still not sure if this is a free event or if there is a fee to attend this event. I have sent out questions on social media – waiting to hear back for confirmation. Look for updates here when I know more… UPDATE – I have confirmation that there is not a fee to attend this event…so this is a wonderful opportunity for the community to get out and meet this candidate.

I believe this is the first confirmed candidate in District 3. I would expect others to enter this race over the next few months (that is my best guess). This is the district I live in…so be sure I will be following this race closely.

On the “online outreach” efforts of the candidate…

Rigby has a website (sort of) – it is a one page site asking for contact information…so not REALLY a campaign website yet. Maybe she and her team will have that updated by the 11th. If she or any other candidates needs help with a website, I know this local company that works with political candidates and organizations with building websites. Maybe give them a call…LOL.

Rigby also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account for the campaign. I will evaluating these accounts in future posts.

Will you be attending on the 11th? You might just see me there…

Scott E


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