John Delaney Wins Straw Poll at 2017 Western Maryland Democratic Summit

The big political question for 2018 is which Democrat will take on the extremely popular Governor in Maryland? There is really no shortage of names being kicked around (see the graphic above). The Western Maryland Democrats recently held a summit (April 28th and 29th) and took a straw poll…here are the results:

Photo take from Ryan Miner Twitter feed

Photo take from Ryan Miner Twitter feed

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Before this summit, I thought the four most likely to do well in 2018 were Delaney, Gansler, Baker and Kamenetz.
  • This was Western Maryland (Delaney country – he is the congressman representing Congressional District 6) so it should not be a big shocker that John Delaney won this early straw poll.
  • Delaney has been looking to leave MD06 and eyeing other offices for a while now. This looks like the year he will pull the trigger and make the move to vacate that seat and run for higher office.
  • I saw a “rumor” posted on social media that Kamenetz may have bussed in folks to get additional votes in the straw poll. I have absolutely no confirmation of this rumor…but if true, he needs to bus in more people at the next event in order to win.
  • Jealous and Shea did better than I would have expected in this straw poll, finishing 3rd and 4th overall. They are two potential candidates to keep an eye one moving forward.
  • I would have expected Gansler to finish higher in Western Maryland…will this early poll make him rethink running in 2018?
  • Baker is another candidate that should be rethinking his potential run in 2018 based on the results of this straw poll.
  • Is Madaleno a serious candidate for Governor? I don’t see it but maybe I am missing something.
  • I think I read Ross did not show up to the event…hence the zero votes he received in the straw poll.
  • It sounds like Heather Mizeur is not going to make another attempt at this office in 2018, so my question is will any women make an attempt for this office in 2018? I personally hope so…but I don’t have a specific candidate in mind at this point. Do you? Send me some names that I should have on my radar.
  • As of this post, no candidate has officially filed with the State Board of Elections.
  • Ryan Miner (A Miner Detail) attended the event. I am looking forward to reading his blog post about it.

This will be a highly contested race so don’t be surprised if this gets interesting sooner rather than later. I will do my best to keep a close eye on this race as it progresses and “technology outreach scorecards” will begin as soon as we get candidates to officially declare that they are in this race.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Scott E

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