2018 Howard County State’s Attorney Race – Early Look

2018 Howard County States Attorney Candidates

I know that it is to early to start my “Technology Outreach Scorecards” but we already have two candidates that have announced that they are running for Howard County State’s Attorney in 2018. Here is a little early info on each:

Kim Oldham (Republican) announced her candidacy on March 28, 2017 (I got that date from her YouTube video). She is the only candidate in this race to have officially filed (she filed on March 27th) with the State Board of Elections as of this post.

Rich Gibson (Democrat) held an announcement event on April 20, 2017 and appeared to have a lot of support from current and past elected officials in Howard County. He has not filed with the State Board of Elections as of this post.

Given that both have announced to run for this position makes me think that this might be a fun one to watch this election season so look for future updates here in this blog.

On the Technology Outreach for each candidate…they both need to make some improvements before campaign season kicks in. Oldham has been at this for over a month, so she has a slight advantage right now but there is plenty of time for Gibson to get his online outreach efforts improved. Here are a couple of early suggestions for each candidate before I really start digging into your social media outreach efforts:

Oldham – overall not a bad presence but linking Twitter posts back to Facebook is never a good idea. Each platform is independent and this may seem like a time saver…but it is a bad optic for those on Facebook and not on Twitter.

Gibson – time to get all of your stuff built back in 2014 updated. I know it has only been a week since you announced but maybe this should have been done in advance of the announcement. You have plenty of time to correct it all…but don’t put this off…get it updated ASAP.

Advice for both candidates…use hashtags in social media post…especially LOCAL hashtags to help spread your message to local voters.

That is all I have for today. It is to early to get deep into the evaluations but this will be a race I keep a close eye on through the election season. I will have links to websites and social media channels in my next write up…in the mean time you can Google the candidates to find their online outreach efforts.

If either candidate or their team ever wants to chat about online outreach efforts over coffee, feel free to reach out. I would be happy to sit down and chat about recommendations.

Have a great day.

Scott E

3 thoughts on “2018 Howard County State’s Attorney Race – Early Look

    • His social media and website needs some work…as does Oldham. I thought I would give them both some time to get it all worked out before I did my first online outreach evaluation.

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