Cut Foose Loose Rally On April 24th

Details About the Rally:

Gathering to peacefully encourage HCPSS superintendent Renee Foose to resign. Stay if you can and testify on the HCPSS budget

Date/Time: April 24th at 6:15pm

Location: George Howard Building, Howard County Government (3430 Court House Dr, Ellicott City, Maryland 21043)

Facebook Event:

If you make it out to the Rally today…post some photos on social media with the hashtag (#CutFooseLoose). I will grab a few photos with that hashtag and post on this blog in a future post.

Scott E


3 thoughts on “Cut Foose Loose Rally On April 24th

  1. In two days, it will be ten years since my friend Alina was murdered while she was working at the 7-Eleven on Running Brook Road. Here’s hoping one of the local bloggers will remember her. She was the one with the Russian accent, and you could often see her walking to work in her uniform. All of us in the neighborhood knew her. I loved stopping in late at night when she worked the late shift and things were never the same after she was gone.

    Below is a link to an old Sun article about her. I don’t like to think she’s been forgotten, and this comment is also a way to keep the memory of her alive.

  2. Correction to my above comment: I meant COLUMBIA Road. It’s in Running Brook VILLAGE. Three decades in Columbia and I’m still getting it all wrong!

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