Create Custom Profile Frames On Facebook

Do you like adding those custom frames to your profile pic on Facebook. Well, did you know that you could create your own frame? Tech Crunch wrote an article outlining the process:

Facebook is launching a series of new features to help people customize their photos and videos in the social network’s continuing battle with Snapchat, an app that put the camera, photos and video at the front-and-center of social interactions. Today, Facebook is unveiling a new tool that will allow anyone, including Facebook Page owners, to create custom profile frames for users’ photos. It’s also introducing similar capabilities, along with other effects that can be used on both photos and videos, with its new “in-app camera” available in a single test market.

With the Camera Effects Platform, Facebook is opening Facebook profile frame creation to all.

Using a simple online tool that doesn’t require any technical skills — only graphic design skills — anyone can develop and then submit frames that can be used by others on Facebook. The frames can support teams, causes, businesses, events or anything else someone wants to promote.

To create a frame, you’ll first create your design in your favorite software program and export it as a PNG file with a transparent background for each element. This frame is then uploaded to Facebook, where you can preview it in different sizes, and you can add other details. The final step is to submit the frame for approval.

ScottE Software tested out the “simple online tool” and submitted a frame design for consideration. It apparently can take up to a week to be approved…so now we wait to see if this really works.

Have an idea for a fun Facebook Photo Frame. Check out the tool and submit yours today. If it is approved…let us know.

Have a fun day today.

Scott E



  1. How long did it take to get approved? Is there anyway to speed up the process? It hasn’t quite been a week yet.


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