In my last article about HB 1299 – 2017, I promised to share the final Maryland Senate voter roll…so here it is:

No surprise that Senator Bates voted no. She has been consistent in opposing this legislation from the very beginning.

What was a bit of a surprise, Senator Waugh voted Yea. He had opposed it in committee but obviously saw the light and decided not to oppose it when it went to the full senate vote. I am still unsure why he opposed it in committee (he did not answer my Twitter questions about his vote).

That is all I have for today. Have a great Thursday.

Scott E

2 thoughts on “HB 1299 – 2017 FINAL MARYLAND SENATE VOTE 45 – 1

  1. HoCo needs a Charter amendment to involve the School Board who will be piggybacking on the Councilmanic Districts. I propose that each party appoints 3 people as currently provided. Instead of the Council appointing 1 additional person and naming the Chair, I propose that the School Board appoint 3 unaffiliated persons and that the 9 members select a Chair and Vice-Chair.

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