Here are the moves the Titans have made so far in Free agency in 2017 (as of 4/01/17):

PLAYER (17 OF 22)
Logan Ryan CB 26 NE TEN 3 $30,000,000
John Cyprien SS 26 JAC TEN 4 $25,000,000
Sylvester Williams DT 28 DEN TEN 3 $17,500,000
Karl Klug DT 29 TEN TEN 2 $5,000,000
Brynden Trawick SS 27 OAK TEN 2 $4,750,000
Phillip Supernaw TE 27 TEN TEN 2 $3,000,000
Eric Weems WR 31 ATL TEN 2 $2,600,000
Nate Palmer ILB 27 TEN TEN 2 $2,300,000
Tim Lelito G 27 NO TEN 1 $1,000,000


The Titans focused their free agency big moves on defense. Ryan, Cyprien and Williams all got decent money to come onto this team and all three make this defense better than it was last year. Ryan had 92 tackles and 2 INTs last year. Cyprien had 128 tackles and 1 sack last year. Williams numbers were not overly impressive so maybe the Titans over reached on that pick a little (but holding out hope that he becomes an impact player on this team).

Resigning of Klug is an OK move for the Titans. He gets a few sacks every season and is helpful on the D line. Fortunately he was not overly expensive.

The signing of Trawick seems odd…maybe they were just looking for some depth at that position. His $3 million guaranteed is high given his contract (and 3 times the guaranteed money given to Klug)…again, just an odd signing in my opinion.

Supernaw can block…he is not used in the passing game at all (7 receptions in the past 2 seasons).

I am guessing that Eric Weems will be used on the special teams only. He has 1 reception in the past 2 years. At 31, you would think the Titans could come up with a better and younger option. His guaranteed money is only $275K…so would be easy to cut if they find a better option.

A little surprised that Nate Palmer got a 2 year deal…but only got $350K guaranteed, so time will tell if he makes the rooster this upcoming season.

I don’t know much about Lelito…but looks like a backup option for the offensive line.

Follow all the Free agency moves here: http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/tennessee-titans/

Draft preview…right now the Titans have the following draft pick/positions:

They are No. 5 (from the Rams) and No. 18 in the first-round, No. 83 and No. 100 (pick from Rams) in the third-round, No. 125 in the fourth-round, No. 164 in the fifth-round pick, No. 214 (pick from Atlanta) in the sixth-round and No. 236 in the seventh-round.

There are lots of rumors floating around the Titans and their first round draft picks recently. Some are reporting that the Titans may be looking to offload that #5 overall pick. If they do trade it out, my hope is that they get ALOT of value for it (another #1 later in the round and a few additional picks later in the draft). If they choose to keep it, I would expect them to add a defensive back like Marshon Lattimore (CB- Ohio State). The defensive team could not stop the pass last year and adding more talent in the defensive backfield has to be the top priority for the team. The other first round pick (#18), I am hoping for the best Wide Receiver on the board (whoever that may be). Since the team was not able to get anything done in free agency to upgrade the receivers, hopefully they can find some talent to improve that aspect of the offense.

I am expecting the Titans to build on what they started last year and make it into the playoffs this season.

Scott E

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