Here are the moves the Redskins have made so far in Free agency in 2017 (as of 3/31/17):

Player Pos Age Prev Cur Contract Amount
Stacy McGee DT 27 OAK WAS 5 $25,000,000
Terrell McClain DT 28 DAL WAS 4 $21,000,000
D.J. Swearinger SS 25 ARI WAS 3 $13,500,000
Terrelle Pryor WR 27 CLE WAS 1 $6,000,000
Evander Hood DE 30 WAS WAS 2 $2,700,000
Chris Carter OLB 27 IND WAS 1 $885,000
Brian Quick WR 27 LA WAS 1 $855,000


The Redskins are focused on building up their defense (and wow is it needed). The big three signings of McGee, McClain and Swearinger should help a little. None are superstars but all three could add real value to the problems the Redskins had with stopping the run last year. I like the deal Swearinger made, 13.5 million with 9 million guaranteed (a sweet deal).

Terrelle Pryor is an interesting signing. With the lose of Garcon and Jackson, the pressure will be on Pryor to produce some big numbers. It is a little odd that he only signed a one year deal…maybe he is concerned about who the QB will be for the Redskin next year.

Resigning Hood and the signing of Carter were inexpensive adds to the defense and neither got long term deals. Neither will probably be big impact players next year.

Quick is another interesting signing. A one year deal and he was pretty inexpensive. He has never exceeded 570 yards and 3 TDS in any season so I would not recommend picking him up for your fantasy football team next year.

Here is a link to follow future moves: http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/washington-redskins/

Draft preview…right now the Redskins have the following draft pick/positions:

Round 1, Pick 17, 17th overall, Round 2, Pick 17, 49th overall, Round 3, Pick 17, 81th overall, Round 4, Pick 7, 114th overall, via Jets, Round 4, Pick 17, 124th overall, Round 5, Pick 10, 154th overall, via Saints, Round 6, Pick 17, 201th overall, Round 6, Pick 25, 209th overall, via Texans, Round 7, Pick 2, 220th overall, via 49ers, Round 7, Pick 17, 235th overall

Having ten draft picks going into this draft is a good thing for the Redskins. I would expect them to trade some of those away (potentially) to move up some positions if there are people on the draft board they are interested in picking up. The mock drafts I have seen have the Redskins looking to defense with their first pick (maybe the Safety from Michigan – Jabrill Peppers). I like that pick for the Redskins…but I could see them going Free Safety or LineBacker also…we will see.

Stay tuned…Tennessee Titans report coming soon.

Scott E

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