Baltimore Ravens Free Agency Moves In 2017

Here are the moves the Ravens have made so far in Free agency in 2017 (as of 3/28/17):

Brandon Williams DT 28 BAL BAL 5 $52,250,000
Tony Jefferson SS 25 ARI BAL 4 $34,000,000
Brandon Carr CB 30 DAL BAL 4 $23,500,000
Danny Woodhead RB 32 LAC BAL 3 $8,800,000
Anthony Levine FS 30 BAL BAL 3 $4,200,000


Brandon Williams resigning for BIG money in 2017. $52 million with almost $34 million guaranteed. Williams is good but is he THAT good? It seems like a lot of money for 50 tackles and 1 sack (his stats last year).

The Ravens looked to free agency to upgrade their defensive backfield by signing Tony Jefferson from Arizona and Brandon Carr from Dallas. They combine for $58.5 million with $24 million guaranteed. Carr should consider a new agent…his guaranteed money is very light (only $4 million). Both of these players should make an impact in 2017 for the Ravens.

The Ravens also looked to free agency to upgrade the running back position by signing Danny Woodhead from the Chargers. While I like Woodhead as a third down (receiving) back, the Ravens still need to find a featured back before the season or they may be in the same boat they were in last year.

Finally they resign Anthony Levine. I get it, he was inexpensive so why not…but not at all an impact player for the team.

Here is a link to follow future moves:

Draft preview…right now the Ravens have the following draft pick/positions:

Round 1 (16th overall), Round 2 (47th overall), Round 3 (78th overall), Round 3 (99th overall), Round 4 (122nd overall), Round 5 (159th overall), and Round 6 (186th overall).

Most mock drafts I have seen have the Ravens looking at a defensive back in the first round. With the big money they invested in DBs in free agency, might the Ravens go a different direction with that first pick? I did see one mock draft that expected the Ravens to take Derek Barnett (from University of Tennessee). Now that would make me VERY happy.

Stay tuned…Redskins report coming soon.

Scott E

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