Columbia at 50 – Baltimore Sun Article

Photo via Baltimore Sun

Columbia has turned 50. There was the celebration of that on the 19th out at the Columbia Mall (many social media posts about it yesterday). Jean Marbella Contact Reporter for The Baltimore Sun wrote an article “At 50, Columbia celebrates past even as it faces a much-changed future”. I was fortunate to have an opportunity to chat with Jean Marbella about the article and she was nice enough to include me in the article:

Scott Ewart is not a Pioneer, but he, too, is wary of the coming development.

Ewart, who works from his home in the King’s Contrivance village as a website and social media developer, blogs about Howard County. His Scott E’s blog drew 40,000 page views last year, its third year in existence.

Ewart says he moved to Columbia for its quiet, suburban atmosphere — even as he remembers constantly getting lost on its curving streets of indistinguishably similar houses when he first moved to town.

He finds “the sheer mass of people” in such a small area alarming — it reminds him, unfavorably, of Montgomery County, where he used to work.

“It’ll just change the feel of it,” Ewart said. “We’ll start losing what Columbia was. People will start moving away because people do not want to live in Rockville.”

Ewart is part of an active blogging community that has had no shortage of issues to chew over. He considers himself a political independent, and has been hired by candidates across the political spectrum.

Be sure to give this article a read here:

Have a great day,

Scott E


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