Howard County Snow Plow Tracker Feedback

So the BIG amount of snow expected did not happen last night. I live in Columbia and it looks like I got somewhere around 2 to 3 inches and a fair amount of ice sitting on top of it this morning (that will be fun to deal with later this morning).  Now it is not over as the weather people are saying that we may get a little more around mid day today (but nothing significant).

The social media accounts from our County Executive have been pushing for us to check out the Snow Plow Tracker. I decided to give it a look early this morning (just because I was interested in what it looked like). I looked at an area close to home and this was a screen shot of the map I took of the area:

So this is Snowden River Pkwy…and notice that section in blue (between Rusting Leaf and Carver Stone)…I knew that could not be correct. 8 to 12 hour to plow that section of the road and under 4 or 4 to 8 for the other areas around it. So I decided to let our County Executive (or at least the team watching his social media accounts) know about the issue.

It was nice to get a response in under 10 minutes (reported at 5:30am, response at 5:37am). I decided to keep an eye on the map to see if they actually updated that section…and wow, they did pretty quick. By 5:51am, this is what the map looked like:

Happy about two things here…

  1. Nice to see quick feedback on the social media channel.
  2. Great to see them fix the reported issue that quickly…especially when you know they are dealing with a lot this morning with the weather. The ice out there will not be fun for anyone.

If you want to check out the Snow Plow Tracker, visit:

Have comments about the snow plow tracker…let me know.

Enjoy the snow/ice day.

Scott E

2 thoughts on “Howard County Snow Plow Tracker Feedback

  1. Sounds like the disappointing snows of a youth spent in Lincoln County Tennessee where today it is cold….but no snow.

  2. What a nifty tool! Yeah, Howard County didn’t get nearly as much snow as we were expecting, but perhaps that made it easier for the tracking tool to account for their time since it was easier to recognize areas that were definitely inaccurate, like the one you pointed out. Pretty cool that they responded quickly to your note as well. Thanks for sharing!

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