Governor Larry Hogan Approval Ratings – February 2017


Governor Larry Hogan polls numbers continue to show that the majority of Marylanders think he is doing a great job. Here is the latest from Goucher Poll:

The Goucher Poll asked Maryland residents about their opinions toward Governor Larry Hogan and various statewide policy issues. The Goucher Poll surveyed 776 Maryland residents from February 18-21 and has a margin of error of +/-3.5 percent.

Sixty-three percent of Maryland adults approve of the job Larry Hogan is doing as governor, 17 percent disapprove, and 20 percent don’t know. This is the identical approval rating Governor Hogan earned from Marylanders at this time last year and slightly lower than his rating on the September 2016 Goucher Poll.

Residents were also probed on the main reason why they either approve or disapprove of the job Hogan is doing.

Top reasons for approval among those who approve:

34 percent say his leadership and/or how he runs the government

18 percent say they like him personally or his personal attributes

14 percent say how he handles the economy/budget/state finances


Top reasons for disapproval among those who disapprove: 

29 percent say he hasn’t done enough or the right things

14 percent say how he handles education/educational issues.

12 percent mentioned an issue related to President Donald Trump

The Maryland General Assembly did not do as well in this poll:

Forty-two percent of residents approve of the job the Maryland General Assembly is doing, 24 percent disapprove, and 33 percent don’t know.

Some additional information on the direction of Maryland:

Marylanders remain positive about the direction of the state. Sixty-two percent say Maryland is heading in the right direction, 22 percent say Maryland is going down the wrong track, and 16 percent don’t know.

Residents were divided over whether Governor Hogan or the Maryland Democrats have better policies for economic growth and development in the state. Thirty-six percent said Governor Hogan has better policies, 27 percent said the Maryland Democrats do, and 22 percent didn’t know who had the better policies.

Redistricting remains a popular issue and this poll shows wide support for change:

Redistricting reform continues to be popular among Marylanders. Seventy-three percent prefer a system where districts are determined by an independent commission and 20 percent prefer a system where districts are determined by the state’s elected officials. Currently, district lines in Maryland are determined by the state’s elected officials and are readjusted after each US Census.

As someone who lives in District 3…I REALLY want to see this changed as soon as possible. No congressional district should EVER look like this:


You can read the full report from Goucher Poll here: CLICK HERE

Happy Monday!!!

Scott E



  1. I like the Governor….but his education policy just plain SUCKS! That is something that would get me to vote another way. He should start listening to parents and educators instead of Smarick and Finn.


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