Tonight – Emergency Hearing on CB17-2017 – Ban on Tasers


Today is the day that the Howard County Council will take action on the ban on tasers. I wrote about this back on February 16th.

Last night, County Council Member Jen Terrasa wrote on Facebook:

Looking forward to tomorrow night’s legislative public hearing. (Tuesday February 21st). However, I have concerns about tomorrow night’s emergency hearing on CB17-2017 (an emergency bill to completely repeal our long standing ban on tasers).

This is a separate emergency hearing beginning at 6pm tomorrow night that was announced at an emergency session last Wednesday before our zoning board hearing. I voted against making it emergency legislation, and I am opposed lifting the ban in a rushed way without making sure we have appropriate regulations in place to keep Howard County residents safe.

The plan is to hold a public hearing at 6pm, vote on the legislation at our public hearing which begins at 7pm, and, if the legislation passes, it will go into affect immediately.

While I am for changing the law and removing the ban, I am more concerned that our police department does not enforce the law on our books today. It makes you wonder…are there other laws that our police department has decided to ignore? Should they be allowed to unilaterally ignore laws passed by our elected officials?

I love our police department and I am fully supportive of them…but the fact that 10 months ago they briefed the County Council and stated they were no longer enforcing this law is concerning to me. Maybe it is just me…

Here is additional details about tonight:

Special Public Hearing on Emergency Legislation – Emergency Legislative Session
Start Date/Time: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 6:00 PM
Category: County Council
Description: Special Public Hearing on Emergency Legislation followed by an Emergency Legislative Session

Tuesday, February 21 at 6pm
Banneker Room, George Howard Building

Public Hearing Agenda

To sign up to testify, click HERE

Legislative Session Agenda

Scott E


One comment

  1. The County is not enforcing the law pursuant to the Supreme Court’s ruling in JAIME CAETANO v. MASSACHUSETTS . I am not sure why this was allowed to BECOME an emergency legislation over the past 10 months and was not previously repealed. However, I have been informed that litigation is pending regarding the law, and this is the most expedient way of resolving the matter.


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