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We all know what the Howard County Hate Watch Facebook page is by now…a truly hate filled page that attacks people in our community. The person running this page is consistent in that they attack Republicans, Democrats, activists, bloggers, children, adults and basically anyone they can lash out at online.
The most recent post on the site this morning is the following:
In case you have a hard time reading the message from Board of Education member Christine O’Conner:
So Christine O’Connor loves this page. This page full of hate and personal attacks on community members. She apparently also wants this page to attack Christina Delmont-Small a little more often. SERIOUSLY? You are a sitting board member. Did you not read my post about Ann Delacy in November of 2015? Social media can be great but can also get you in trouble!!!
This Facebook page has been rumored to have been run by Ann DeLacy. I think that the message (that was posted publicly) may have just confirmed that fact “I miss you on the board!“. Thanks Christine for the confirmation.
To be very clear what this page is about…here are some comments made in the posts or in the comments on posts: (specific names of who she attacked have been redacted)

You are a white supremacist.
You’re a loser.
Get a life
Youre one of the anti-black homophobic (name redacted) supporters.
Psychopath. go crawl back under a rock with (name redacted) and (name redacted) and (name redacted) and (name redacted)
You are a privileged racist. You are the Trump of Howard County and should not be working for a public institution!
I guess Elkridge is breeding ground for haters! Go crawl back under a rock.
Kiss my ass
go away
you’re a deranged loon (name redacted).
racist little punk. not even old enough to vote.

Those are just some of the comments or posts on the page today. These get deleted regularly so don’t be surprised if they are not there when you check out the page…or better yet just ignore this page.
I can’t say that I am surprised that Christine O’Connor supports this page but it is also important for voters in the next election to know that she supports the activities of this page.
If you want some additional reading materials today, be sure to check out Friends and Foes from Julia McCready. It is on topic with the craziness on that Facebook page.
Have a great Friday.
Scott E

(2-17-17 at 9:32am) Disclaimer: It was brought to my attention that this may all be faked information. For my part I did see this posted publicly on that page. An account with the name Christine O’Connor was seen in that graphic. The account used had the same “profile picture” as the one used by Christine O’Connor. Ann Delacy has posted comments under her own personal Facebook page to this site. If for some reason I am proven wrong about this posting I will remove the post and post a retraction….until then, I have no reason not to believe this information today. If you have any information that contradicts my accounts above, please feel free to contact me at lscottewart@me.com.


  1. This is not the type of person I’d want influencing our kids, or substitute teaching in our schools. Seriously, we need to stand up to bullies.

  2. Well, whoever wrote about Elkridge being the breeding ground for haters (probably ADL) is certainly truthful since COC lives in Elkridge! I live in Elkridge and take offense. Most of my neighbors aren’t haters either.


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