Reporter Fatimah Waseem writes an article titled “Lawsuit prompts repeal of Howard County’s electronic weapons ban”. In this article:

(quoted text removed at the request of the Baltimore Sun)

You can read the full article details HERE.
It sounds like this will move quickly and the ban will be removed here in Howard County. It does not seem to be moving this fast for Baltimore City or Baltimore County…but happy to see this move forward quickly for the residents of Howard County.
One item in the article caught me as odd:

(quoted text removed at the request of the Baltimore Sun)

Wait…what? The police department can just pick and choose which laws they decide to uphold? Although I am fully supportive of changing this law and removing the ban, should the police department be able to decide not to follow a law on our books?
Maybe it is just me…but does this strike anyone else as odd?
That is it for today.
Scott E



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