Howard County Board of Education – Elected School Board, Ho. Co. 11–17 Update


I originally wrote about this topic back in December (VANESSA ATTERBEARY IS REINTRODUCING A BILL THAT ALIGNS SCHOOL BOARD DISTRICTS). Here is the latest information I have seen recently…

This is from the Facebook page of County Council Member Calvin Ball:

Congratulations to Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary on the passage of her legislation from the Howard County Delegation this morning, as amended. As you may recall, this legislation will update how Howard County elects its School Board of Education after hearing from many of concerned residents about the importance of having a representative and responsive BOE. The next step will be to assign it a House Bill number. It will then be referred to a House Committee not yet determined. To follow along, visit the Delegation’s website:

I also checked out Delegate Atterbeary’s Facebook page…no update there yet.

I am happy to see this move forward but I am also VERY interested in the amendment to the bill. Not sure the link above includes that amendment (but I am not sure, so I will be reaching out this morning to find out more – I will update this post when I have more information).

I will be sure to stay on top of this topic as it moves forward.

One other note on this topic, it appears as if the bill previously submitted by Delegate Flanagan has been withdrawn: (Howard County – Elected School Board and Districting Commission, Ho. Co. 13–17 (WITHDRAWN 2/1/17) By: Delegate Flanagan). There is also one other bill (Howard County Board of Education – Independent Redistricting Commission, Ho. Co. 12–17 By: Senator Bates) but no update on that one yet. The other Bill (Howard County Board of Education – Independent Redistricting Commission, Ho. Co. 12–17 (WITHDRAWN 2/8/17) By: Senator Bates) was withdrawn on February 8th.

Hoping to have more updates in the near future…stay tuned!

Scott E



  1. I would like to see the ammendment to this bill as I am not in favor of it as it stands. There are many people whose kids go to a school in one councilmanic district, but who live in another. Frankly I was quite happy with how things turned out in the last election. More than anything we need an engaged electorate.


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