Bill Woodcock (The 53) has been my go to blogger for updates on CB9 “Howard County Sanctuary Bill”. He has been the most consistent with updates on the issue…here are some of his recent updates:

He has other articles…just read through his blog and you can find them…

There are rallies both in support of and against CB9 planned for tomorrow. I expect to see a sea of Red and Green at the County Council meeting tomorrow night. Here are a couple of things I have seen posted…the first one is from the Columbia Democratic Club:

Rally for CB9
(Voting Session Edition)
Monday, February 6th @ 5pm

In lieu of our monthly meeting this week, the Columbia Democratic Club will gather THIS MONDAY, February 6th, with community members at the George Howard Building for a rally in support of CB9, Sanctuary County legislation. The voting session is slated for 6pm, but we are encouraging supporters to show up as early as they can and to WEAR GREEN. Can’t attend the rally? Sign this petition and share, tweet, and show solidarity from home. #YesSanctuary

And then there is this one as well…from the “No Sanctuary Howard County” Facebook page:

Attention — Action Alert —- NoSanctuaryHoCo Patriots—
Opposition to Howard County becoming a “sanctuary” county continues this Monday Feb 6th at 5:00 PM at the George Howard Building. Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!

Let’s Flood them with a Tsunami of Red – #NoSanctuaryHoCo !!

I cringed sharing information from that page, but even the Facebook page run by the HCRCC (No Sanctuary Status for Howard Co) shared it so I guess it it the “official” announcement from that side of this argument…at least they made it that way by sharing “that” information on their own page.

Here is information about the meeting tomorrow:

COUNTY COUNCIL: Legislative Session
Monday, February 6, 2017 7:00 PM

Will you be attending?

Scott E

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