HCPSS Superintendent Renee Foose to HoCoBOE – I Don’t Care


Just when we thought things could not get any worse between the Howard County Public School System Superintendent and the Howard County Board of Education…yesterday happens. First we get the election booting three board members, then we have that first meeting in which the board makes MANY changes to the way things operate which then leads to the lawsuit filed by Dr Renee Foose and let us not forget we have this going on “State board votes to withhold money from Howard schools“…now we get this meeting in which the Superintendent says “I Don’t Care” in a public meeting to the board. Here is a little scenario breakdown from the Facebook Group HCPSS Community Shares:

At the BOE work session for Superintendent’s budget today , both Ms Delmont Small and Ms Ellis expressed concerns that they had not been provided requested information Both felt decisions could not be made without complete and accurate information. Both stated that they ran for office promising transparency and accountability to the community. Ms Delmont Small made a motion to delay the work session until requested information provided. Ms Ellis seconded that motion . Ms French called the motion spiteful. Ms OConnor agreed with her sentiments. During discussion and prior to the vote,staff in the room received communication from Dr Foose to leave the meeting and go back to their offices. Staff started to leave en masse. The Chair and Vice Chair objected and Superintendent stated she didn’t care and further directed staff to leave.

So here is a clip of the end of the meeting from yesterday (this is the really good / bad part of that meeting just before it ended):

A couple of observations:

  • The Superintendent saying “I Don’t Care” to the Board seemed VERY disrespectful. I get the meeting was going poorly and it even appeared as if there may not be an actual meeting (because of information her staff did not provide to board members prior the the meeting)…but to send all staff out like that while the meeting was going on seems very “spiteful” – to steal a word used by Sandra H. French during the meeting.
  • If there was any question as to who Christine E. O’Connor works for…watch her half way though the video above…apparently she got the same notification (email or text) that the entire school system staff attending received and she decided to just bail on the session as well.

Now…it is only fair that I share the entire video of the session (it is about 20 minutes) so that you can see everything that happened during the session. Here is the video from Barbara Krupiarz’s YouTube page:

My final thoughts…

This public (and even private) fighting has to end soon. The uncertainty it has to be causing within the school system will “flow down” to the teachers and even the students. Before that happens, someone needs to step in and do something about it. There have been the following suggestions made online:

I think it is good to let feelings be known about the current state of affairs btw the BOE and Superintendent…but… these Superintendents are generally collegial friends with each other. We may be more effective by swamping her email box with quick notes stated in the most factual and polite way. We don’t want to have people chalking this up to “difficult parents” or teachers. Don’t give them a reason to dismiss your concerns. I have written to Dr. Salmon and will do so again.


And this one…
Email Howard County Senators Ed Kasemeyer and Gail Bates, as we need 1 of them to agree to support legislation that gives the Howard County Board of Education the right to terminate their own Superintendent. Gail.Bates@senate.state.md.us and Edward.Kasemeyer@senate.state.md.us

Or your could sign the petition floating out there now to fire our Superintendent (the are over 260 people that have done this)… https://www.change.org/p/fire-superintendent-renee-foose. I am not a fan of these generally but if you are on that side of this fight…it is an opportunity to have your name on a petition.

I am not telling anyone reading this blog which side of this fight to be on…but something has to be done to get our school “LEADERS” working together again to ensure our children in the school system do not get caught up in all of this silliness.

I hope our elected officials (state and local) and other leaders (again, state and local) get involved and find a resolution to this ASAP!

Get involved now before it is to late…

Scott E

Scott did an amazing job on our website.


  1. Unfortunately, our children are already caught up in this “silliness”. I am about ready to pull my children out of HCPSS and home school if I have to. The Superintendent doesn’t want parents to know what she has done to education in HoCo so her way of “getting her way” is to deny information and to have her employes destroy information. Why do you think staff was directed to leave the meeting. I have heard from an employee that much shredding has been done over the past few months.


  2. Interesting that it didn’t bother you that the BOE members engaged in a public argument for 20 minutes, but it did bother you that the superintendent instructed staff to go back to doing their jobs.


    • That is fair…yes, the fighting between HoCoBOE members is every bit as disturbing to me…but I expect that to some degree as they are on different sides of the issue (that has not changed over the years…the board make up has changed recently). The Superintendent is hired by and works for the Board of Education, not publicly elected by the residents of Howard County…that is the difference here to me.


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