I thought I would move away from my political posts for the day and focus on something important…How to make Facebook great again. Do you miss the days where your Facebook feed was full of photos of food people are eating, check-ins around town or just normal stuff??? Me too…and I have the answer to help make your Facebook experience tolerable once more without unfollowing almost everyone you know…

First…if you are using Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox as your web browser on your computer…STOP! Go to Google Chrome right now and download it (for either your PC or MAC). Here is the link if you need it:…and don’t worry, the rest of us already using Chrome will wait for you to catch up before moving on…

Second…now that you have returned and are using Chrome as your browser…go get this Chrome plugin: Social Fixer for Facebook (Click here to download). It only works on Google Chrome…hence the need for step 1.


Third…we are just moving right along…next pick out the things you want to no longer see in your Facebook feed. Here are some suggestions I have for you:

Check “Automatically Switch to Most Recent view of the main Newsfeed” in the General section. I am always changing my feed from “Top Stories” to “Most Recent” but no longer, this plugin will do that for me now.

Click “Hide Sponsored/Suggested Posts” in the Filter section. No more ads in my Facebook feed…yes please!

Click “Election/Politics 2017” in the Filter section. Tired of seeing all of those political posts…this will help.

Under the “Hide Post” section, just put in words of thing you no longer wish to see in your Facebook Feed. As an example, type “Trump” to remove all posts relating to the President or any of the other Trump family members. You can add multiple items in this section “Clinton”, “Steelers” or whatever you just don’t want to see in your news feed.

Be sure to save your changes!!!

There you have it…what is great is that the posts are hidden and you can still see them if you want to but no longer have to see stuff you want gone from your feed.  Here is what the hidden posts look like:

Now you can click on those grey boxes and open up those posts…but why do that…you hid them for a reason.

That is it folks…if you followed the steps above you now have MADE FACEBOOK GREAT AGAIN.

Have a wonderful day…

Scott E

Website Design

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