Leadership in Howard County


It is always good to see our elected officials step up and be real leaders in our community. The “Sanctuary Bill” (CB9) has stirred up strong emotions on both sides of the argument and now we have a couple of Facebook groups that are looking to flame the fires and are just making things worse for everyone (in my opinion). I have written about both Facebook pages and called on our elected officials to distance themselves from the individuals or groups of individuals running those pages. The pages are named; No Sanctuary Howard County and Howard County Hate Watch. Sorry no links to those pages on this blog…I don’t want them to get any more views than they deserve (which is none).

After my last article on this topic, Calvin Ball posted the following on his Facebook page:


Later that day, Allan Kittleman posted the following from his official government Facebook page:


I was happy to see both elected officials step up and speak out against speech that is hateful on this topic and in our community. I was VERY happy to see Calvin Ball go the extra step and specifically call out that Facebook page. A page that supports the bill but the graphics and text do not help the conversation.

Now, all of this being said, I still wish I had seen a little more:

  • Although I am happy that our County Executive made his statement, I still wish he would call out the specific people in the community that are hurting his cause more than the are helping it (READ HERE). We have to not only call out those that oppose us but those that support us when they hurt more than they help.
  • I would love to see the other local elected officials do something similar…if they are united (Republicans and Democrats) in their calls for civility, maybe it will hit home and we start making strides in that direction.

One last note this morning (that I found somewhat funny)…One member of our community is now using the hashtag #ScottEwart on Twitter with some of his posts. I DO NOT recommend following this hashtag. One – I almost never use it. Two – the graphics used with this hashtag do not represent me. Three – There is another Scott Ewart (Tech and Social Media guy in Kentucky – apparently those of us with this name just make that our industry) and I feel bad for him. He or his friends are going to see his name used as a hashtag and ask themselves…WTH?

Hope you all have a good day…

Scott E



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