Finance Reports For HoCo State Senators and Delegates


I know it is super early to be looking to deeply into campaign finance numbers but they can be an early indicator of who may (or may not) run again this next election cycle. We looked at some potential candidates for Howard County Executive…but now let us take a look at the Howard County folks in Annapolis as a whole.

Note – I have to give all of the credit for putting this information together to Maryland Scramble. He is the master of campaign finance reports in Maryland. Be sure to check out his blog at:

First here are the Howard County State Senators:


Notes – Guy Guzzone has been very successful in raising funds but is also burning though it pretty quickly. Bates is not spending much money right now. I hear rumors now and then about Kasemeyer’s future but nothing creditable to actually report today.

Next up are the Howard County State Delegates:


Notes – Shane Pendergrass has a HUGE amount of money…well, at least compared to all of the other HoCo Delegates. She raised over 84,000 according to the last report…that is more money than any other HoCo representative in Annapolis. One has to wonder what are her plans for that stockpile of cash on hand?  Others raising over 20,000 include Clarence Lam, Eric Ebersole and Vanessa Atterbeary. Terri Hill raised the least amount of money but she also spent the least amount of money while Trent Kittleman has the least amount of money on hand (spending more money than she brought in – the only candidate to do that).

What does all of this tell us about 2018? I still contend that it is to early to read much into these numbers yet…but be sure to watch this in the future. I may have more on this topic soon (if I get some free time).

Have a great day…

Scott E


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