Now We Get Howard County Hate Watch On Facebook


Let me start this post stating that I have no clue who is running this new Facebook page that popped up yesterday…all it says in their “About” page is “Watchdog against those who promote hate and disrespect in Howard County, Maryland.”

At first glance I was hopeful that this new page would be a group of people (or at least one person) that was watching some of the negative things being posted online or in print and call out the silliness…but then I saw some of the posts and was just overwhelming disappointed.

They started off strong yesterday calling out the silliness from the “No Sanctuary Howard County” Facebook page and one of the fliers from the HCRCC attacking Jon Weinstein…again I was hopeful…then they posted this on the page:


Where does it say in the post from State Senator Bates that she “hates” our immigrant community? It doesn’t, so I felt the need to chime in on Facebook with the following comment:

This statement “why do you hate our immigrant community” makes this page as ignorant and hateful and the other one on the GOP side. She never has stated that she “hates” the immigrant community…and for you to post this is as ugly as the wackadoodles on the other side. My hope is that this FB page does not become the mirror of the “No Sanctuary Howard County”…because if it does….I promise to write a post equally calling on all Democratic elected officials to denounce this page as I did Allan to denounce the wackadoodles of the other page. You gotta be better than this or accept that you are cool with the low road in politics…and we all see that…

So there were additional posts throughout the afternoon and evening and this is the most recent post as of this morning:


So if not directly but maybe indirectly we are equating literature from the KKK with “many” that opposes CB9? Really…you went there…

It might be time for the owner of this Facebook page to change the name of this page…because otherwise they will need to start “reporting” on their own activities. I am concerned that this page will become the wackadoodle group on the other side of this issue based on the posts already on that page…which is not helpful in REAL discussion of the issues.

So I called out Allan Kittleman when it came to the posts and rhetoric of the”No Sanctuary Howard County”…so I feel I have to do the same with Calvin Ball and Jen Terassa when it comes to the posts on this page. Distance yourself now otherwise you could be associated with these comments down the road. For the record I have not seen or heard any comments from Allan Kittleman and not sure I really expect anything from Calvin Ball or Jen Terrasa on this issue…but I can say that it would go a long way towards getting my vote in 2018 if I saw those running for office call out silliness on their own side when it happens.

Actually I hope many call out these type of Facebook pages and groups in our community, they are not helpful to real logical discussion on issues that concern all county residents.

I will say it again…we are better than this in Howard County (I still believe that)!

Scott E

Post Updated 10:17am on 1/25/17: 

This is one of the reasons I have great respect for Calvin Ball and why he is such a great leader in our community!

Thanks Calvin Ball!!!



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