It is fun from time to time to do a post on the blog that has nothing to do with politics…so here is one you may find interesting. Tomorrow kicks off Restaurant Weeks here in Howard County. Want to know more about Restaurant Weeks? Here is some information from Visit Howard County:

What is a restaurant week?
It’s a celebration of the culinary talents of area restaurants. During restaurant week, restaurants offer specially priced multi-course meals. Chefs work hard year round to take care of their customers. During restaurant weeks, they go above and beyond and show off their talent and culinary diversity. The first restaurant week concept originated in New York City in the early nineties. Howard County began their own version of Restaurant Weeks in 2008 in hopes to give locally owned and operated restaurants a boost during their slower seasons which are typically immediately following the winter holidays and around summer vacations.
What are the special menu prices?
Howard County has a diverse population of restaurants ranging from fine dining to roadside diners and barbeque stands. Menus can range anywhere from $15 (or less) for a two course lunch to $45 for a four course dinner in one of our finer establishments. There is truly something for everyone no matter what the budget or taste.
Does the price include taxes and tips?
No. And please remember to tip your bartender and server well. Like the chefs, they’re some of the hardest working people around.
Is every Howard County restaurant participating?
No, although every Howard County restaurant is welcome to register and join the celebration. We also welcome and encourage restaurants in nearby counties and jurisdictions to participate! Restaurants can sign up here.
Do I need to make reservations?
Calling ahead to ask about the need for a reservation is always a good idea.
Do I need to call ahead about dietary concerns?  
Calling ahead to discuss dietary concerns is recommended for an optimal experience.
Are hotels and inns offering special stay-and-dine packages?
Special restaurant weeks packages can be viewed here. A full list of all of our wonderful hotels can be found here.

There are currently 35 restaurants signed up on the Visit Howard County website today. View the full listing here:
This will be a good time for you to get out of the house and try some of the great food around Howard County.
Have a favorite location? Let me know in the comments.
Scott E
Social Media Management