Allan Kittleman Should Call Out Members Of His Own Party ASAP


County Executive Allan Kittleman had this written about him back in June 2016 in regards to Donald Trump:

In unvarnished words, Howard county’s top Republican, County Executive Allan Kittleman, excoriated the presumptive presidential nominee for the Republican Party, joining a rare rank of local elected Republicans who publicly renounced Trump and said they will not vote for him in November.

“I believe in principle and I believe it’s important to stick to your principles,” said Kittleman. Donald Trump, he said, does not represent his “strong feelings” on civil rights and diversity. Trump’s comments “frustrate” him. “That’s not how I was raised,” Kittleman said.

I believe the County Executive would benefit from doing something similar to a group right here in Howard County: Howard County Citizens Group who oversee a Facebook group called: No Sanctuary Howard County. They appear to be funded (update – not funded by the HCRCC) (or at least handing out literature) from the Howard County Republican Central Committee (HCRCC).

Now, I am not suggesting that the County Executive change his stance on the issue. He has made his statement on his plans if the bill passes (although I hope he plays close attention to the testimony tonight from the citizens testifying) so this article is not about changing his mind…this is about distancing himself from the actions of the people running that wackadoodle Facebook page.

This group is producing graphics and spreading rhetoric (which I refuse to post on my blog) that is not helpful to this or any discussion here in Howard County. As the top elected official in the Republican Party in Howard County, I hope he says publicly that this group does not represent his “principals” as an elected official.

I do not know everyone associated to this group but here are some names they put out in an email blast:

Laura Walsh
Frank Mirabile
Carol Loveless
Grassroots Organizers
Laura Walsh is a current Central Committee member (at least per the HoCo GOP website).
Frank Mirabile – well if you see his posts on Facebook in the various GOP groups you know what he is all about. It would not surprise me if he is the creator of many of the graphics on the page.
Carol Loveless was a candidate for office (Delegate 9B) in 2014 where she lost to current Delegate Flanagan in the Primary.

CE Kittleman has done good things for the GOP party over the past couple of years and to see this silliness is not helpful to anyone…but especially not to him if he plans to run for reelection in 2018. If the HCRCC is behind this group and this Facebook page, it will be directly tied back to Kittleman….that is almost a guarantee.

I hope our County Executive makes some type of public statement (heck, just something on Facebook would do the trick for me) and say that the information coming from this group does not represent him and his values…I then hope he reaches out to the Central Committee and do what he can to stop this type of stuff coming out from that group.

We are better than this in Howard County!!!

Scott E
Update – If you want to see the official Facebook page of the HCRCC on this issue, visit HERE
Update 2 (1/25/17) – Well this just happened just a little bit ago…I am happy to see our County Executive make these comments…although I would have like to have seen something specific about the “No Sanctuary Howard County” Facebook page…maybe that will come from his “other” non-government account at some point in the future.


  1. I noticed that also…which is why I mentioned them at the top of the post but the “about” tab does not indicate they are in charge of that Facebook page. It does appear that at least one member of the HCRCC is part of that group (Laura Walsh).


  2. I think we can say there is a lot of overlap between the anti-sanctuary group that handed out the HCRCC literature and the website, and they show digital versions of the literature on the website. The website was the main driver of turnout to the events that distributed the literature. Many members of the County GOP are posting to the site. Links from the site are shared on Kittleman’s official site. Certainly this relationship is close enough that the County GOP and Exec need to make a distinction. If you catch the County GOP leaders at a Klan rally, do you let them get away with saying I’m not here in my official capacity as GOP leader?

    I’m glad Kittleman responded, albeit meekly. He and GOP leaders could say, “take down libelous and false material or those who run the site don’t get to hold our pretty red and white signs or pass out our literature. If someone acted this way in a group I was involved with, or even associated with a group I was involved with, I would want to make it clear this is not my group. I would not be inviting them to my events, and handing them my signs or stacks of literature for them to distribute.

    Finally, their attacks go beyond just being nasty and rude. They have printed clearly false information about people they are opposed to. They don’t allow those people to respond on their site. I put a few examples of where they attacked my high school son on my Facebook page. They accuse him of breaking software licensing agreements (not a big one, but not true), and starting the Hate Watch website (he was not involved), and being an arsonist (no he isn’t). With these attacks the lies are piled on top of lies in Trump fashion, with the hope of leaving at least a residue. I think attacking the reputation of high school students using false information is beyond reprehensible. My son would invite criticism or discussion, but keep it clean.


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