Howard County Council Chairperson Jon Weinstein took to Facebook (on January 12th) to address a recent Howard County Times Editorial (Howard vs. FAA: A lawsuit threat that is premature):

(quoted text removed at the request of the Baltimore Sun)

Here is the link to the article from the Baltimore Sun on the 29th that was mentioned above: Howard officials, FAA work to address ‘unacceptable’ noise levels

Given the number of airplanes that fly over my place (especially at night) – I fully support the council actions on this issue. Good luck to Weinstein and Ball going forward with this action (CB8-2017).
One additional note – anyone else getting tired of the HoCoTimes editorials? Some of the ones I have read recently are a bit ridiculous…and I also really believe that they should publish the name of the author. If you are going to write something…sign your name to it. This also goes for all of you commenters on the Baltimore Sun, HoCoTimes and various blogs out there…don’t hide in the shadows…if you really believe what you are saying, own it and put your name behind it. Here is a little video to reinforce that message:

There ya go…I shared some good information and had my rant for the day…
Have a wonderful remainder of your day.
Scott E