Superintendent Foose sues the Howard County Board of Education

Photo via The Baltimore Sun

This is so ridiculous that I my plan this morning is not to jump and and down about this topic, but just to share some information from others.

Here is an article from the Washington Post:

Superintendent sues her school board, alleging unlawful interference, chaos

Another article from The Baltimore Sun:

Howard County schools superintendent sues school board

Another article from ABC News 2:

Howard County Public Schools superintendent files lawsuit against Board of Education

An article from one of our local Bloggers:


There is another editorial from the Baltimore Sun titled “Howard needs a timeout”. This article is so silly that I just refuse to link to it in this post…Google search it if interested in reading it. If you do, make sure to read the comments at the bottom…I think they are a more interesting read (IMHO).

I guess we now have to wait and see what happens in the courts…because that is what we want to be known for here in Howard County. Just so frustrating!

Have a great Sunday – there are some great playoff games this afternoon and tonight.

Scott E



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