Howard County Snow Plow Tracker BETA Launch


Snow is a coming…OK, maybe not the storm of the year but maybe enough to cover the roads a bit this week. Here is the latest notification from our County Executive and the HoCoGov Facebook pages:

The US National Weather Service Baltimore/Washington is predicting a chance of snow Thursday (January 5) evening through Friday (January 6) of one to two inches, which could impact the Friday morning rush hour. If you have not done so already, we encourage you to check out and bookmark the County’s new Snow Plow Tracker: Here’s a quick tutorial on how it works:

Hopefully this snow does not do much in regards to the roads but if it does you now have the link to the Snow Plow Tracker. Anyone else concerned about this being called a “BETA” launch? I am hoping that does not mean things will be glitchy with the system this winter. I will do my best to check in on it from time to time and report back my findings.

Now get out to the store and buy up all of the milk, bread and toilet paper before it is all gone…LOL.

Scott E


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