Spartan Considerations Gives Us A Special Preview of HoCo County Executive Race in 2018


The post I have been waiting on for some time…Spartan Considerations Blog gives us a potential breakdown of candidates running for Howard County Executive in 2018. OK, Sparty took the a smart approach and had someone else write the article:

From the Desk of S. MacCune

Political Consultant (Ret.?)

Licensed Alpaca Broker

Phrenologist (Blue Belt)

Have not read it yet? View it here:

Here are the candidates listed in the post and my take:


Allan Kittleman – I would be surprised if Hogan does not run again so I think this is a slam dunk for the GOP candidate for CE in 2018. No other GOP candidate will (or really could) challenge him successfully.


Calvin Ball – Will make a great CE candidate in 2018. I would agree that he is the “presumptive frontrunner” in the DEM side of this race. I am a big fan of Ball and would love to see him get in this race.

Mary Kay Sigaty – I had not given Sigaty much thought for this office in 2018 but could make an interesting candidate. If Calvin is in, would she challenge him on the left? Not sure but if she does it could be fun to watch.

Bill Woodcock – This would be a big shocker to me if he got in this race. Interesting, but still a shock. I don’t rule out him potentially getting into the mix in 2018 for another public office.

Other Potentials:

Jen Terrasa – Another public official I am a big fan of (she is the Councilperson for my District) but I had thought of her running for another office in 2018 (if some people retire at the state level – she would be a great fit).

Courtney Watson – She has stayed very active in the community and would be a very interesting candidate again in 2018. Does she want to go through it again…time will tell.

Delegate Clarence (the Doc) Lam – This would be another shocker to me. He has a good thing going at the state level and I am not sure he would leave that after only one term to run for this race in 2018.

Ken Ulman – Seems to love what he is doing at U of M and I don’t see him leaving that in 2018 (but you never know).

Tom Coale – I really hope Coale runs for office again in the future. Not sure this is the right fit for him in 2018 but he was a great candidate in 2014 (I still have my Coale for Delegate shirt) and would love to see him give it another go for a state or local office.

Others to consider:

One of the Siddiqui’s – This would be another option you could put into the “shocker” category…but they do still have money and if not CE, would not be surprised to see the orange signs for some office in 2018.

Guy Guzzone – I realize this probably wont happen but remember that Kittleman was a State Senator and Guzzone was a two term Delegate and currently serving his first term a State Senator. Both Kittleman and Guzzone served on the HoCoCouncil (Kittleman 1998 – 2004, Guzzone 1998 – 2006). He has a good political presence and would make a really interesting candidate for this office.

This early, none of us knows what will happen…these are all guesses at this point. I have no special insight or information other than just watching what everyone is doing these days. Many things can happen between now and 2018 that could significantly shift the local political scene and potentially bring in additional candidates. If nothing else, it will be fun to watch.

Scott E



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