Top Blog Posts of 2016


Another year is almost in the books. 2016 was fun and I am hoping for another great year in 2017. Here are the most popular posts written in 2016 on Scott E’s Blog:

  1. Dan Bongino Loses Florida Congressional Race

  2. Is it time to update Howard County Code of Ordinances?

  3. Early Voting Numbers – Howard County – Day 3

  4. Howard County Government Warning via Social Media

  5. 2016 Board Of Education Candidate Forums

Bongino remains popular online and obviously people were searching for the results of his race in Florida this year.

The Howard County snow on the sidewalk issue was popular…and may have helped change the law here in Howard County (I know it didn’t hurt in getting that bill passed).

Other notable (but older) articles that got ALOT of views in 2016 were:

  1. Howard County Board of Education Online Outreach Reference Card

  2. 2016 Scorecards

  3. Ann Delacy – Howard County Board of Education Member – Social Media Comments

The HoCoBOE Reference card was actually the most viewed article in 2016. No surprise given how much attention the HoCoBOE race received this past year.

2016 scorecards finished 4th overall in views in 2016. This one is always popular during an election year.

Ann Delacy article ended up as the 5th most viewed article in 2016. This was the most popular article on the site in 2015…so there was continued interest in this topic this year.

Total number of website views grew by almost 50% over 2015.

What is planned for the blog 2017? To be honest, I am not sure yet. I am sure I will find local topics to chime in on from time to time but we will see what else I come up with this next year. Stay tuned.

I wish EVERYONE a Happy New Year.

Scott E

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