Photos via Jon Weinstein (Facebook page)
Photos via Jon Weinstein (Facebook page)

I was happy to see members from the County Council (Weinstein and Ball) meet with members of the Board of Education (Vaillancourt and Altwerger). The relationship between the two entities has been “strained” over the past year or two and I (and I am sure many others) look forward to improved communication and cooperation in the future.
Via Jon Weinstein Facebook page (December 15th):

In one of my first actions as Council Chair, I invited Board of Education Chair Cindy Vaillancourt and Vice Chair Bess Altwerger to meet with me and Council Vice Chair Dr. Calvin Ball today. The meeting’s purpose was to strengthen the relationship between the two organizations and discuss shared interests.
We covered a wide variety of topics including the FY18 budget process and priorities, responding to and preventing racial incidents within HCPSS, and outstanding issues including the Council’s audit and mold studies. We also worked on the agenda for the upcoming quarterly Council/BOE meeting on January 19, 2017. Additionally, the four of us agreed to meet monthly to maintain communication and foster ongoing shared efforts between our organizations.

I believe this meeting was important to demonstrate a positive relationship between our two organizations. I want to thank Ms. Vaillancourt and Ms. Altwerger for meeting with Dr. Ball and I to discuss issue of mutual interest. The County Council looks forward to working with the entire Board this coming year and I’m excited to see the progress that we will make together to serve our children, their families, and the County’s citizens.

Scott E

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