Howard County Council Elects New Officers


View Press Release Here

Ellicott City, MD (December 5, 2016) – At its legislative session on December 5, 2016, the Howard County Council elected new officers. They are as follows:

County Council
Chairperson Jon Weinstein, District 1
Vice Chairperson Dr. Calvin Ball, District 2

Zoning Board
Chairperson Jen Terrasa, District 3
Vice Chairperson Mary Kay Sigaty, District 4

Board of License Commissioner (Liquor Board)
Chairperson Mary Kay Sigaty, District 4

Vice Chairperson Greg Fox, District 5

Council Chairperson Jon Weinstein also announced the following appointments:

Maryland Association of Counties, Legislative Committee
Dr. Calvin Ball (Jen Terrasa, alternate)

National Association of Counties Liaison
Greg Fox (Jon Weinstein, alternate)

Patuxent River Commission (Council rep; state appointment)
Mary Kay Sigaty


Big congrats to Jon Weinstein. I believe he will be an excellent Chairperson for the County Council.

Scott E


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