I from time to time check out the comments on various online articles on the Baltimore Sun and Howard County Times and I have to say that I am shocked by some of the things I read. I am not shocked because I didn’t already know that people out there can say ignorant things online but more so that those comments are allowed to stay on a “reputable” news site and never seem to get removed. Apparently this news organization will allow anyone to create anonymous accounts and spew out any garbage they want…that to me is odd and should be corrected (in my opinion).
Here is my example of what I am talking about: There is an anonymous user currently named “DontBelieveAThingThisPaperWrites”. This account has changed names in the past so don’t be surprised when you go look them up if it has changed. Here are a few examples of comments coming from this anonymous poster:

Article: School board newcomers begin quest for accountability, prepare for pushback

Comment: @Ret Educator a dissatisfied principal who never rose to your “potential.” I now know who you are GH.

Article: Howard County school officials say student made ‘racially offensive’ social media post

Comment: @DontBelieveAThingThisPaperWrites I meant to write HOMOPHOBE as it applies to Delmont-Small.

Article: Embracing fresh thinking on the school board [Editorial]

Comment: A drunk, a right-winged bigot and an HCEA flunky.

I have seen many people guess at who they think is writing these comments but this person is anonymous and we may never actually know…what we do know is that they hide and make horrible comments on a resource used by many in Howard County for actual news. This is the problem with unmoderated comments – you get this type of online name calling and bullying.

Yesterday was the kickoff to #OneHoward and we live in a county that promotes “Choose Civility” and I would hope our news resources would be onboard by not allowing a platform for this type of hate to go out to the public they serve. The Baltimore Sun blast us with ads on their site and wants us to pay for online content yet they allow this stuff on their site….seriously?

This last election cycle was bad and many things are being blamed on it…but this stuff shows hate happens from the left, right and center and we should reject all forms of online hate and online bullying.

So I ask you today to stand up (or sit down in front of your computer) and reach out to the Baltimore Sun and Howard County Times and ask that they:

  1. Remove this person from their system
  2. Change their policy of unmoderated comments or monitor the comments and remove those that cross a line
  3. Stop charging us for online content access (OK, I know this one is unrelated and unrealistic but thought I would throw it in to the mix – got to have a little fun with these posts).

OK…that is my rant for the morning. Have a great day.
Scott E


  1. People have been angry for a very long time. People feel like they haven’t been heard for a very long time. People have pushed for change and been denied for a very long time. When it comes to children, parents turn into angry bears. It’s “sour grapes” for losing and poor winning all rolled into one and it’s in overdrive right now. It’s sad that it’s national as well as local and it makes for a very scary world to live within right now. All I know is that if I don’t see some immediate change with the Common Bore curriculum that was implemented 3 years ago and is due for another re-haul at the HS level next year, I will not let my current middle schooler step foot into a HoCo HS in 2 more years. The HS teachers especially, seem angry and over worked and they have increasingly lost ALL autonomy in their classrooms due to the SCRIPTED curriculum that Central office has foisted upon them. I am tired of the “test prep” curriculum at all levels, but it’s more pronounced at the HS level. Test prep is NOT education and until the parents realize this, I doubt that anything will really change that really matters to the kids…..thus the parents will remain unhappy and “bear ish”. That is my fear and the bad behavior by the adults will continue.