On November 30th, the Young Democrats of Howard County announced their new Executive Board:

President: Corey Andrews
Vice President: Favvad Alee
Secretary: Joseph Price
Women’s Caucus Chair: Katie Via
Political Director: Dhaval Shah
High School Caucus Chair: Josh Kim and Claire Silberman
Minority Caucus: Najee Bailey

I wish the new group much luck in the future. I will also note what a good job Gregory Jennings did as the past President. Corey has some big shoes to fill going forward.
Here are a couple of resources to learn more about Young Democrats of Howard County:
A few recommendations for the new officers:

  • Website could use updating soon
    • The “Find us on Facebook” link does not work
    • There is a picture on the front page that does not work
    • More information on the High School Democrat Clubs in Howard County
  • Start accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat then put the links on the website

Scott E