This is my first analysis of the 2016 voting data from Howard County. I did many posts before election day about early voting…let us all look at how the final voting numbers ended up looking like (at least what has been published as of today):
Early Voting: Here were the top 5 counties (in voting %) that voted early:

  1. Tablot (34.50%)
  2. Queen Anne’s (30.80%)
  3. Howard (28.62%)
  4. Prince George’s (27.70%)
  5. Kent (26.03%)

Howard County did a great job with the 3rd best turnout in early voting in the state. In 2012, Howard County early voting turnout was 16.4%. Note to all those hating on early voting…it is working here in Howard County!!!
Total Votes Cast: Here were the top 5 counties (in voting %) that voted in early voting and voting on election day:

  1. Carroll (72.98%)
  2. Howard (72.67%)
  3. Harford (72.57%)
  4. Kent (72.33%)
  5. Queen Anne’s (72.01%)

Note – these percentages to not take in to account provisional or absentee votes yet
We ended up with the 2nd best voting percentage in the state. This appears to be great news for Howard County, but is it really? Let’s compare the numbers from 2012:
Total turnout for Howard County in 2012 reached 81.3%. Even if you take away the absentee numbers from 2012, the percentage is 76.8%. That means voter turnout was down in 2016. This is not a big shocker given numbers were down nationwide but I expected much higher numbers after the impressive turnout with early voting.
I will have more data in future posts…up next, voting by party in Howard County…stay tuned…
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