As crazy an election cycle as we have had, in Maryland there were no surprises. Here were the results:
Hillary Clinton was expected to win and she did big getting 61% of the vote.

US Senate:
Chris Van Hollen was the favorite and won big getting 60% of the vote (1% less than Clinton received).

Congressional District 1:
Eastern Shore remains in the hands of the GOP as Andy Harris receives 68% of the vote.

Congressional District 2:
Ruppersburger wins big getting 62% of the vote. Kasprzak did the best with any 3rd party candidate getting 5% of the vote in MD02.

Congressional District 3:
Sarbanes received 63% of the vote and wins big. Plaster ran a good campaign but the way this district is drawn he had little chance with the demographics.

Congressional District 4:
Brown wins with 74% of the vote (second highest % in the state). To me the biggest surprise is that McDermott received 22%.

Congressional District 5:
Hoyer wins big with 67% of the vote.

Congressional District 6:
In the only real competitive congressional race, Delaney wins with 55% of the vote. This was the one I was most disappointed in as a whole. Amie Hoeber would have been a great advocate for western Maryland and Delaney is just setting up his run for Governor in two years. (Note to readers: I did work for the Hoeber campaign during the 2016 election cycle – so yes, I am a bit biased).

Congressional District 7:
Cummings won by the largest margin getting over 75% of the vote. Just image had he run for US Senate this year?

Congressional District 8:
Raskin won District 8 with 59% of the vote. Cox ran a good campaign, was impressive online and did as good a job as he could in that District.

In Howard County:
We have three new Board of Education members: Kirsten Coombs, Christina Delmont-Small and Mavis Ellis. READ MORE HERE
Citizens Election Fund System:
“Yes on A” had a good night winning by nearly 6,000 votes. To be honest this was much closer than I expected it to be but it passes and we will now see how it works in 2022. This will be either a very good thing for local elections or very controversial depending on the budget impact in the future.

Changes to Budgetary and Fiscal Procedures:
This was MUCH less discussed locally and passed easily in Howard County.

There you have it folks…the 2016 Maryland election results.
Democrats did not get want they wanted on the national level but basically got a clean sweep at the state and local levels.
Republicans got want they want on the national level but have a lot of work to do on the state and local levels.
2018 will be here before you know it…
Scott E