Lots and lots and LOTS of people are shocked this morning. Trump won. So many people did not see this coming (which means they were not really paying attention to what is going on). To be honest, I am a bit surprised as well. There were two states that I missed (so far) on my map and I am a bit bummed about that…but at least I did not predict a landslide and miss as bad as some others (yep MD Scramble, I am talking about you, or Ryan Miner (Miner Detail) or David Lubin (The Seventh State) or so many other bloggers). Note to all…do not believe data coming from Votecastr…it is crap. Here is the map as of this morning:
Update 11/9/16 at 4:40pm- Minnesota has been offically called for Clinton (hey, I got that one right also)
Update 11/12/16 at 8:37am – Arizona looks to be official finally and goes for Trump (as I predicted)
Update 11/19/16 at 7:14am – New Hampshire goes to Clinton (I did miss that one – but I did say it would be close so I don’t feel that bad about this miss)

Trump 290 | Clinton 232

Updated map coming soon

So here is what I got wrong:

  • Pennsylvania: Went to Trump.
  • Wisconsin: Went to Trump.

So far I have only missed two states (the two above). Four states still not decided yet are Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan and New Hampshire. Of course at this point they do not matter in the big scheme of things but I am still interested to see how they end up.
Also on the US Senate races, currently the Republicans will hold 51 seats (although there is still no call on the race in New Hampshire). By the way…I predicted that the GOP would end up with 51 (yeah, I am that good at this…LOL). Ayotte holds a VERY slight edge but it may be a while before we know the final outcome….so the GOP could end up with 52.
Want to know what I called yesterday? READ HERE
So we move forward from here. Not everyone will be happy…but time will tell if this is a good thing or not. If nothing else, things will never be the same.
I will have more information about local races in just a little while.
Scott E