A Better BOE for Howard County

HCEA BOE Recomendations

Last night went well for the anti-incumbent Board of Education movement in Howard County. The one incumbent that made it through the Primary (Siddiqui) came up short and was not reelected. The three winners were Coombs, Delmont-Small and Ellis (by the way, were also the top 3 in the Primary). Here were the results from last night:


The sun wrote up a really good article about the race: READ HERE

So now the board makeup should be 5-2 on most issues. I will be very interested to see what this new board makeup will do to change some of the distressing things we have seen from our school system over the past couple of years. I am expecting good things and more inclusion with the public going forward.

One note to Robert Miller and Vicky Cutroneo –  you both ran great campaigns and I for one hope to see you both stay active going forward.

Congrats to you all.

Scott E


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